You won’t believe What These 6 Celebrities Committed Horrible Crimes

Will Smith, actor from Men in Black series once with his friends assaulted man and he was left blind after that. Will Smith was convicted in court for charges and judge announced the punishments. He was accounted for many charges for the same assault happened that night. That incident happened in 1989 of which Will Smith was convicted for. Will Smith explains that he was not jailed much because all the charges and accuses against him were dropped and he was thankful for that. Will Smith said that he was of 20 years only when that unwilling incident happened with him and he had to spend a niche at Jail for that incident and he was very sad about it. He explained that it was his worst nightmare of his life. He said it was “worst night of his life”. Actor had to spend one night in Jail because he was caught by police. Smith also added that he was wake up whole night as the cell-mates (other jailed criminals with him that night inside his cell) were constantly asking for his autographs from him that made him not to sleep whole night.